Black Ops (2023)

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Dom and Kay join the Met Police in the hope of cleaning up their community, but are unwittingly thrust into the murky world of deep cover infiltration as they become part of a powerful criminal enterprise. But for Do...

Silo (2023)

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In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant underground silo that plunges hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them.

Algiers, America (2023)

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Chronicles the journey of Coach Brice Brown and the Edna Karr Cougars – a predominantly Black high school in Algiers, New Orleans – as they chase their future, their dreams, and a fifth state championship in six seas...

Bupkis (2023)

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Pete Davidson attempts to work through unique family dynamics and the complexities of fame to form meaningful relationships.

Sanctuary (2023)

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A tough, desperate kid becomes a sumo wrestler, captivating fans with his cocky attitude — and upsetting an industry steeped in tradition.

Larva Family (2023)

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Familia larvelor crește! După ce în viața lor apare un pui de omidă, Roșu și Galben sunt nevoiți să învețe rapid să fie părinți și să se descurce în noile condiții.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2023)

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The story of how the young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George sparked both a great love story and a societal shift, creating the world of the Ton inherited by the characters in Bridgerton.

Love Village (2023)

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Singles 35 and over of various backgrounds relocate to a house in the countryside for another chance at love. Will they find "the one" — or leave alone?

White House Plumbers (2023)

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The true story of how Nixon’s own political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds accidentally toppled the Presidency they were zealously trying to protect.

A Small Light (2023)

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A Small Light follows twenty-something Miep Gies who, when her boss Otto Frank came to her and asked her to hide his family from the Nazis during World War II, didn't hesitate. For the next two years, Miep, her husba...

The Tailor (Terzi) (2023)

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A famous tailor begins to sew a wedding dress for his best friend’s fiancée – but all three have dark secrets that will soon upend their lives.

My Perfect Stranger (Run Into You) (2023)

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An enthralling journey begins as a man and a woman, trapped in May 1987, embark on their adventure.

HyeMiLeeYeChaePa (2023)

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Six energetic sisters struggle to complete the quest and get cash in a remote mountain village for survival. Welcome to HyeMiLeeYeChaePa House. Six sisters, Hye-ri, Mi-yeon, Lee-jung, Ye-na, Chae-won, and Patricia...

The Patients of Dr. García (2023)

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In 1936 Madrid, an idealistic doctor's life changes forever when he shelters a wounded spy and joins a decades-long fight against the spread of fascism.

Citadel (2023)

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What if you lost your memory? What if a spy didn’t know they were a spy? Years ago, the top agents of Citadel, Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, had their minds wiped. But, they’re called back to action as sinister forces e...

Wave Makers (2023)

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Weng Wen-fang (Hsieh Ying-hsuan) came from a political family. She joined the Justice Party as the deputy director and spokesperson of the Publicity Department, after failing to be re-elected as a member of the Counc...

Totally Completely Fine (2023)

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Totally Completely Fine follows 20-something Vivian Cunningham, whose life is a mess. Last week she accidentally burnt down her brother's vegan food truck with a bacon-flavored vape and this week she's inherited her ...

Love & Death (2023)

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Based on the true story of Wylie, TX, housewife Candy Montgomery's murder of Betty Gore in 1980. The series revolves around two church-going couples, enjoying small-town family life in Texas until somebody picks u...

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (2023)

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Set during the High Republic era and the prime of the Jedi Order, follow Jedi younglings as they study the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills needed ...

The Nurse (2023)

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A new nurse at a hospital begins to suspect her colleague's desire for attention may be tied to a series of patient deaths.

Fired on Mars (2023)

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After taking a one-way trip to the Red Planet, graphic designer Jeff Cooper finds himself adrift when his bosses unceremoniously eliminate his role.

Sam: A Saxon (2023)

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Based on the true story of Sam Meffire’s rise and fall in East Germany, this miniseries follows Sam’s desperate search for a place he can call home, as he fights for recognition and justice. Sam goes from being the f...

True to Love (2023)

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Dating coach Bo-ra, whose relationship is failing, and prickly publisher Su-hyeok team up to save Bo-ra’s love life for the sake of her upcoming book about dating. The collaboration results in the mind game of romanc...

Obsession (2023)

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Damage - a contemporary three-part adaptation of the 1991 novella from late author Josephine Hart - is described as a "thrilling and seductive limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire". The story ce...

The Good Bad Mother (2023)

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The story of a mother, Young-soon, who has lived for her child all her life, and her son, prosecutor Kang Ho, who suffers from amnesia in an unexpected accident and goes back to being a child.

BEEF (2023)

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A road rage incident between two strangers — a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur — sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses.

Florida Man (2023)

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A disgraced cop in debt is forced to return to his home state of Florida for a shady mission only to get swept up in a wild — and deadly — treasure hunt.

Mrs. Davis (2023)

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Sister Simone partners with her ex-boyfriend on a globe-spanning journey to destroy Mrs. Davis, a powerful artificial intelligence.

Drift: Partners in Crime (2023)

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Police officer Ali Zoller (Ken Duken - Professionals, Inglourious Basterds) is having a bad day. A very bad day. A simple prisoner transfer has gone awry, resulting in car chases, explosions, a pissed off boss, and -...

Saint X (2023)

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A young woman's mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth.

Niehime to Kemono no Ou / Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts

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Regele bestiilor și demonilor primește regulat sacrificii umane pentru a le devora și a-și dovedi puterea asupra rasei umane. Totuși, al 99-lea sacrificiu, o fată umană pe nume Sariphi, îl intrigă pe rege. Nici nu se...

Oshi no Ko (2023)

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Ai Hoshino e un idol talentat în vârstă de 16 ani, considerată întruchiparea unei fecioare pure. Dar nu tot ceea ce strălucește e aur. Gorou Amemiya e un ginecolog de la țară și un mare fan al lui Ai. Deci, când acea...