Boarders (2024)

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Brace yourselves - the new kids are here. Five talented black scholarship students, and an elite private school with a reputation problem. One of them will have to change...

House of Gods (2024)

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House of Gods follows the lives of an ambitious Iraqi Australian family grappling with newfound power and privilege when their charismatic patriarch is elected head cleric of their local mosque.

Poacher (2024)

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A group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO workers, police constables and Good Samaritans risk their lives trying to track down the biggest elephant ivory poachers in the history of India and bring them to justic...

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (2024)

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The epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world. Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne are thrown into another world, built on a war again...

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent (2024)

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"In Toronto's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by an elite squad of detectives who investigate high-profile crime and corruption in metro Toronto. These are their stories." The one-hour crime...

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024)

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A young boy known as the Avatar must master the four elemental powers to save a world at war — and fight a ruthless enemy bent on stopping him.

Breathtaking (2024)

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A searing, thought-provoking and poignant account of an NHS doctor in the eye of the storm during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Way (2024)

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The Way taps into the social and political chaos of today's world by imagining a civil uprising which begins in a small industrial town. Meet the Driscolls - an ordinary family, in an extraordinary story of life, ...

Constellation (2024)

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Jo, a woman who returns to Earth after a disaster in space - only to discover that key pieces of her life seem to be missing. The action-packed space adventure is an exploration of the dark edges of human psychology,...

Too Good To Be True (2024)

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Single mum Rachel is on the poverty line, leaving her working all hours of the day as a cleaner to provide for her son. Out of the blue, she is approached by a wealthy businessman offering her a new job with better p...

House of Ninjas (2024)

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Years after retiring from their formidable ninja lives, a dysfunctional family must return to shadowy missions to counteract a string of looming threats.

The New Look (2024)

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The shocking story of how fashion icon Christian Dior and his contemporaries including Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain, and Cristóbal Balenciaga navigated the horrors of World War Il and launched modern fashion.

Breakout Kings (2011)

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Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped, and tired of following protocol and resorting to outdated methods of law enforcement, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie Du...

Tracker (2024)

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Lone-wolf survivalist Colter Shaw roams the country as a “reward seeker,” using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own frac...

Blackshore (2024)

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A police detective returns to her hometown and becomes involved in a missing person case, which is linked to her traumatic past and the town's dark history.

Allegiance (2024)

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A star rookie police officer must grapple with the limits of the justice system as she fights to exonerate her politician father and serve her diverse hometown of Surrey.

The Silent Service (2024)

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An extended version of "The Silent Service" depicting Shiro Kaieda's story on a grand scale, from declaring the independent state of Yamato and negotiating a military alliance with Japan, to the subsequent Battle of ...

One Day (2024)

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After spending graduation night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways — but their lives remain intertwined.

Domino Day (2024)

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A young witch with extraordinary powers, Domino desperately seeks a community to help her understand who she is. Still, she doesn’t need to look far, as a coven of witches is already tracking her every move, convince...

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1998)

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The Crow: Stairway to Heaven was a 1998 Canadian television series created by Bryce Zabel spun off from the The Crow film series starring Mark Dacascos in the lead role as Eric Draven, reprising the role originally p...

Baby Bandito (2024)

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After skater Kevin and his crew pull off Chile's biggest heist, reckless love –and social media– threatens everyone's fortunes. Inspired by true events.

Alexander: The Making of a God (2024)

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Expert interviews and gripping reenactments combine to reveal the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great and his burning desire to conquer the world.

A Bloody Lucky Day (2023)

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An ordinary taxi driver becomes entangled with a customer that turns out to be a serial killer.

Doctor Slump (2024)

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Once rivals in school, two brilliant doctors reunite by chance — each facing life’s worst slump and unexpectedly finding solace in each other.

Strife (2023)

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The comedic drama series tells the story of a modern, imperfect woman and publisher named Evelyn Jones, played by acclaimed Australian actress Asher Keddie, and her journey from lounge room blogger to becoming a forc...

Trigger Point (2022)

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For London's bomb disposal experts, no day is ever the same as they risk their lives protecting the city from harm.

Masters of the Air (2024)

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During World War II, airmen risk their lives with the 100th Bomb Group, a brotherhood forged by courage, loss, and triumph.

Expats (2024)

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Set against the complex tapestry of Hong Kong residents, a multifaceted group of women sets off a chain of life-altering events that leaves everyone navigating the intricate balance between blame and accountability.

Screw (2022)

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Rob Williams' darkly comic crime drama portrays prison as you've never seen it before: through the embattled and inspiring characters who work there.

Captivating the King (2024)

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Amid a royal and political power struggle, a king entangles with an intriguing woman — whose hidden desire for revenge transforms into unintended love.

Griselda (2024)

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Chronicles the life of Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. A devoted mother, Blanco’s lethal blend of charm and unsuspecting savagery helped her expertly navigate between famil...

‘Til Jail Do Us Part (2022)

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Ángela, Viri, Esme and Sofía hate each other. When their husbands wind up in jail for stealing millions from the biggest drug lord in Miami, the foursome ends up on the street at his mercy. As they adapt to their new...