The Immortal (El inmortal) (2022)

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During the 90s, cocaine trafficking and control of Madrid's nightclubs was in the hands of a gang that monopolized hundreds of covers and television programs: Los Miami. His name caused the panic of those who heard h...

No Traces (Sin huellas) (2023)

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Desi and Cata find a body in the mansion they just finished cleaning. Horror. Panic. The police arrive. Wait a minute! Did a gypsy woman and a Mexican immigrant just clean up a crime scene? They’re the perfect culpri...

The Diplomat (2023)

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The series follows Laura Simmonds and her Barcelona Consul colleague and friend Alba Ortiz as they fight to protect British nationals who find themselves in trouble in the Catalan city. Mixing the roles of lawyer, co...

Gotham Knights (2023)

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In the aftermath of Bruce Wayne's murder, his rebellious adopted son forges an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman's enemies when they are all framed for killing the Caped Crusader.

Age of Legends (2018)

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Liu Zi Guang has no memories of the past eight years of his life. When he returns to his hometown, Jiangbei, all he knows is that he wants to live life as an upstanding citizen. But those mysterious eight years are b...

Kill It (2019)

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The story of a veterinarian killer who saves animals and a detective who saves people.

Beyond Paradise (2023)

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After leaving paradise and seeking a quieter life, Humphrey has taken a job as Detective Inspector in his fiancée Martha's hometown. But with the high crime rate, maybe things will be louder than expected.

Liaison (2023)

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Two agents—and former lovers—must work together to combat international cyberattacks threatening the UK while also confronting the buried secrets of their destructive relationship.

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (2023)

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Shocking tragedies shatter a tight-knit South Carolina community and expose the horrifying secrets of its most powerful family. O serie de tragedii fără precedent zguduie din temelii o comunitate din Carolina de Sud...

Community Squad (División Palermo) (2023)

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A ragtag civilian patrol squad created to improve the image of the police inadvertently put their lives at risk when confronting some strange criminals. O echipă de patrulă civilă de la drojdia societăţii creată pen...

Last King of the Cross (2023)

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Tale of brothers John and Sam, their ascent to power on Sydney's mean streets, and the impact their expanding empire has on their relationship. Based on the autobiography by John Ibrahim.

Police Squad! (1982)

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In this cult parody of cop dramas, replete with farce and sight gags, Lieutenant Frank Drebin and his fellow officers from Police Squad bungle their way though crime investigations.

Farzi (2023)

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Sunny, a brilliant small-time artist is catapulted into the high-stakes world of counterfeiting when he creates the perfect fake currency note, even as Michael, a fiery, unorthodox task force officer wants to rid the...

Horario Estelar (Prime Time) (2023)

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A famous TV journalist must report on a compelling police case that no one know he's been implicated in. As the investigation unfolds, he uses his calculated ability to mislead information and change public opinion; ...

Death in the Dorms (2023)

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Follow the true story of six college students whose lives ended in a tragic murder. Urmărește povestea adevărată a șase studenți ale căror vieți s-au încheiat într-o crimă tragică.

The Law According to Lidia Poët (2023)

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Forbidden from practicing law, a woman prepares an appeal to overturn the court's decision in this true story of Lidia Poët, Italy's first female lawyer. Interzisă să practice avocatura, o femeie pregătește un recurs...

Better (2023)

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After a family tragedy is narrowly averted, a corrupt police detective undergoes a painful moral awakening and decides to put right twenty years of wrongdoing but satisfying her newfound conscience won't be straightf...

The Gold (2023)

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Six armed men steal £26m worth of gold from the Brink’s-Mat security depot and set about trying to dispose of the bullion.

Transporter: The Series (2012)

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The adventures of professional transporter Frank Martin, who can always be counted on to get the job done—discreetly. Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and desperate players, his three rules are:...

The Fall – Crimele din Belfast (2013)

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Un thriller psihologic care relateaza viața a doi vânători. Unul este un criminal în serie care isi omoara victimele in jurul orasului Belfast, iar celălalt este o talentata femeie detectiv de la MET, care este adusa...

Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time (2022)

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Un detectiv, care e și agent de securitate și membru al unei organizații obscure, jonglează cu aceste trei identități într-o continuare a filmului „Detectiv Conan”.

The King of Pigs (2022)

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Two friends in the past were victims of serious school bulling. One could not resist his trauma, and becomes a serial killer, walking in the path of revenge. Another one tries his best to overcome the trauma and bec...

Rose Mansion (2022)

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Ji-Na works as a contract employee at a hotel. She appears to live a normal life, but, internally, she is filled with an inferiority complex. One day, she hears that her older sister Ji-Hyun is missing. Ji-Na goes to...

Class (2023)

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Trei elevi dintr-un cartier sărac se înscriu la un liceu de elită din Delhi, unde niște secrete și zvonuri sumbre duc până la urmă la crimă.

The Spencer Sisters (2023)

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Police officer Darby Spencer and her mystery novelist mother Victoria Spencer have opposite personalities but still embark on the unlikeliest of ventures: becoming partners in a private detective agency.

Decoy (2023)

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A 17-year-old case, known as the scam of the century, reemerges as a serial murder case in the present year 2023. It's a nationwide crime case thriller revolving around three people.

Sex & Violence (2013)

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Looks at the lives of professionals who work in the aftermath of domestic violence: a social worker, a victim advocate, a prosecutor, a police officer, and a therapist and chronicles their struggles to maintain healt...

The Snow Girl (2023)

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Amaya dispare în timpul unei parade din Málaga, iar o tânără jurnalistă nu se dă în lături de la nimic ca să-i ajute pe părinții fetei să o găsească.

Poker Face (2023)

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This mystery-of-the-week series follows Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying. She hits the road with her Plymouth Barracuda and with every stop encounters a new cast of ch...

Crime Puzzle (2021)

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"Crime Puzzle" is a story where a criminal psychologist is sent to prison for murdering a political candidate, and the criminal profiler who loses her father to the murder is conducting interviews with the murderer f...

Accused (2023)

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In this crime anthology series, viewers discover how an ordinary person got caught up in an extraordinary situation, ultimately revealing how one wrong turn leads to another, until it’s too late to turn back. Told fr...

Shanty Town (2023)

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Un grup de curtezane încearcă să scape de un celebru traficant, dar corupția politică și legăturile de sânge fac libertatea aproape imposibilă.