Miracle (2022)

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Sorin an aspiring idol whose dreams were dashed after a traffic accident. She works at COA Entertainment, global star Luice’ management company. Due to a scandal, Luice’s career goes up in smoke and commiserates with...

Why Her? (2022)

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Oh Soo Jae is a lawyer, talented enough to become the youngest partner at TK Law Firm. The law firm is widely considered as the best in South Korea. Oh Soo Jae is driven by her desire to win cases and also her self-r...

First Kill (2022)

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Pentru tinerele Juliette și Calliope, dragostea e o mare problemă: una e vampir, iar cealaltă, ucigașă de vampiri. Au însă un punct comun: ambele vor să ucidă.

Baby Fever (Skruk) (2022)

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O specialistă în fertilitate se autoinsemniează la beție cu sperma fostului iubit și apoi se străduiește să-și explice sarcina și să-și recucerească dragostea pierdută.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (2022)

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Poate că mulți visează să călătorească în timp, dar pentru Henry această aptitudine a sa este un adevărat blestem. Tânărul dispare ca prin minune, uneori în cele mai nepotrivite momente, repărând gol-pușcă în locuri ...

The Future Diary (2021)

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În acest reality-show, niște necunoscuți se întâlnesc și primesc un jurnal cu scenariul propriei lor povești de iubire. Vom vedea înfiripându-se o dragoste adevărată?

Show Window: Queen’s House (2021)

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Han Sun-Joo’s life is perfect. She is married to Shin Myung-Seob and they have children. She tries to help her husband succeed at Rahen Group, a company which her mother runs, and she also tries to raise her children...

Our Beloved Summer (2021)

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A romantic comedy about the complex subtle feelings of two men and women as lovers who break up and are forced back in front of cameras 10 years later due to the popularity of a documentary they shot in high school.

School 2021 (2021)

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The story of students attending a specialized high school and pursuing their own dreams rather than go off to college. It will delve into how these students learn about love, friendship, the things they like versus ...

Adult Trainee (2021)

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Practice is the only way! A youthful comedy about teenagers whose physical growth came first!

Let Me Be Your Knight (2021)

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A story of romance and healing between one of the world’s greatest idols who is suffering from somnambulism and the doctor who is secretly treating him. Jun’s character Yoon Tae In is an untouchable idol star who is ...

Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021)

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Will tell stories of emotional love and breakups. Ha Young-eun, a manager of the design team at a fashion label who is a trendy and intelligent realist. Yoon Jae-guk, a wealthy and popular freelancer photographer who...

The Red Sleeve (2021)

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Set in the 18th century, the drama depicts the love story between King Jeongjo and royal concubine Seong Uibin.

The King’s Affection

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When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.

Police University (2021)

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Hacking was the only way out of Kang Sun Ho’s miserable life ever since his parents passed away from an accident when he was just ten. He eventually puts his genius hacking skills into practice in an attempt to steal...

Check Out the Event (2021)

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Follows the emotional journey that will unfold when two former lovers pretend to be together to head on a couple's trip they won at an event.

Feels Like Ishq (2021)

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Short films follow young adults as they navigate the gamut of emotions that come with finding romantic connection in unexpected places.

Sexy Beasts (2021)

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Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.

Too Hot to Handle: Brazil (2021)

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Sizzling hot young Brazilians meet at a dreamy beach resort. But for a shot at R$500,000 in this fun reality show, they'll have to give up sex.

Generation 56k (2021)

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A chance encounter leads two 30-somethings to remember 1998, the year their teenage hormones kicked in - and the internet changed their lives forever.

Young Royals (2021)

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Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Krol (The King) (2020)

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Set in Warsaw in 1937, Król centers on a Jewish gangster-boxer Jakub Szapiro, who is drawn into a political conspiracy and mob warfare that may decide the fate of the state. The King is a gangster story set in War...

The Cook of Castamar (2021)

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Madrid, 1720. Clara Belmonte arrives in Castamar fleeing a painful past to work in the palace kitchen. The death of her father accused of betrayal of her has disrupted her life plans and has made her ill with agoraph...

Gossip Girl (2021)

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Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl.

You Are My Spring (2021)

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A hotel concierge and a psychiatrist with traumatic childhoods form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a perplexing local murder case.

Sex/Life (2021)

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A woman's daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can't stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.

Nevertheless (2021)

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The intoxicating charm of a flirtatious art school classmate pulls a reluctant love cynic into a friends-with-benefits relationship.

Monthly Magazine Home (2021)

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A home-searching romance story about a man who buys houses and a woman who lives in one. It follows the diverse stories of the editors of a home magazine.

At a Distance, Spring is Green (2021)

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A coming of age story about young people in their twenties and the problems they face in university. Nam Soo-hyun and Yeon Joo, two boys with contrasting personalities, unexpectedly become friends when they work on a...

My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

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"My Roommate Is a Gumiho" tells the story of a male Gumiho, who has lived for hundreds of years to become a human being, having his fox beads taken away by a female college student in an accident and living in a hous...

Mad for Each Other (2021)

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Bothered to realize they are next-door neighbors and share a psychiatrist, a man and a woman find it's impossible to stay out of each other's way.

Here’s My Plan (2021)

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A girl believes her whole life has been miserable. She dreams of revenge on people who are responsible for her misery.