The Flatshare (2022)

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Two twentysomethings try to get by - by sharing not only an apartment but a bed. Recovering from a controlling relationship, Tiffany spends her days earning minimum wage for minimum appreciation on a viral news websi...

Love Is for Suckers (2022)

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A romantic comedy-drama depicting the sweet and salty reality romance between 20-year-old best friends in their 30s who have no romance or flirting.

Summer Strike (2022)

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Ever since she decided to say no to her overly time-poor life, Lee Yeo-reum has been trying new things with her inactive lifestyle. Some call her naive for running away from reality, but others consider her a good so...

Blade Man (2014)

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Despite his wealth, Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) is a prickly man harboring a broken heart. But when his emotional pain physically manifests itself as a gruesome ability to sprout knives from his body, Hong Bin quick...

First Love (2022)

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Young, free and madly in love. As teenagers, the world was their oyster—but, as adults, their lives seem dimmer, like a very important piece is missing.

Until Life Do Us Part (2021)

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Three generations of a family living together in an idyllic villa juggle the demands of their wedding planning business and their own personal crises.

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire (2022)

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O căsnicie aparent fericită începe să se destrame când fidelitatea soțului devine suspectă și ambii parteneri au tentația altor dorințe. tags: Fedelta, Fidelity

Reborn Rich (2022)

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After ten years, a loyal employee is framed for embezzlement, then murdered by his employers, only to be reborn as their youngest son, with a yearn for revenge guiding his hostile takeover. based on a hit novel

Fishbowl Wives (2022)

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Într-un complex de apartamente de lux, șase femei prinse în căsnicii nefericite cad pradă infidelității. Bazat pe seria manga a lui Kurosawa R.

Lov3 (2022)

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Siblings Ana, Sofia and Beto try to outrun conventional relationships, like their parents' 30-year-long marriage, which has just come to an abrupt end.

The Santa Clauses (2022)

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On the brink of his 65th birthday, Scott Calvin realizes he can't be Santa forever. He's starting to lose a step in his Santa duties, and more importantly, he's got a family who could benefit from a life in the norma...

A La Carte (2022)

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Mahogany Rose is a gorgeous, young go-getter and overachiever who has had high moral standards her entire life and a somewhat whimsical idea of how her love life would turn out. But when she meets Kaleb Myles, a char...

The K2 (2016)

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A patriotic bodyguard who was abandoned by his country and colleagues, a hidden daughter of leading Presidential candidate who regards love as a tool for revenge, and the First Lady contender who hides her ambition a...

Kairos (2020)

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Kim Seo-Jin is a man who is driven only to achieve success in his life. Thanks to his efforts, he is the youngest executive at his company. His life is perfect, with his beautiful violinist wife Kang Hyun-Chae and a ...

Unforgotten Night (2022)

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Kim needed someone to embrace his body for just one night. It's the only night to know what your true needs are. And it was the only night that made the mafia "Kamol" not want to let Kim belong to anyone Kim, a 25...

Love, Life & Everything in Between (2022)

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Această antologie panarabă presărată cu umor negru explorează teme precum dragostea și intimitatea relațiilor.

Love in Contract (2022)

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Can marriage be a business? Sang-eun is a single-life helper with 13 years of career. Her customers are those who need a wife for their public life under social pressure. Ji-ho is Sang-eun's MWF husband client who ha...

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love (2022)

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Deseori îndrumat mai degrabă greșit de un nerușinat vrăjitor imaginar, un tânăr ciudat și singuratic face tot ce îi stă în putință pentru a-și găsi o iubită.

Black (2017)

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The story of a grim reaper who gets erased from the memories of the world for breaking the rules of heaven and falling in love with a mortal woman after inhabiting a human body. Black is a detective possessed by the ...

Rookie Cops (2022)

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Rookie Cops follows the story of honours student Wi Seung Hyun, who enrols in the police academy in the hopes of following his father's footsteps. He later meets troublemaker Go Eun gang and learns more about the amb...

May I Help You (2022)

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Tells the story of Butler Kim, who runs errands that begin at a cost of 100 won per job, and funeral director Baek Dong Joo, who grants the wishes of the dead, as they operate an errand-running business called Ildang...

The Golden Spoon (2022)

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Would you trade your poor but loving family for a life of riches? When Lee Seung-cheon gets his hands on a magical spoon that allows him to switch lives with his rich best friend, he thinks it's a no-brainer. But lif...

Heartstopper (2022)

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Un serial despre maturizare în care adolescenții Charlie și Nick descoperă că prietenia lor poate fi una neașteptată, în timp ce trec prin școală și idile nevinovate.

Conversations with Friends (2022)

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Conversations with Friends follows two female college students in Dublin who forge an unexpected, strange and sexually charged relationship with an older married couple, which results in a complicated pair of love tr...

My Liberation Notes (2022)

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Trei frați s-au săturat de monotonia vieții de adult și caută împlinire prin eliberarea de cotidianul lor banal.

If Only – Si lo hubiera sabido (2022)

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După zece ani de căsnicie dezamăgitoare, Emma rezistă cu greu, dar i se ivește ocazia incredibilă de a retrăi toți acești ani.

Pink Lie (2022)

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Young men and women move into the Pink House, each carrying one lie about themselves, be it their occupation, age, or academic background. Whirlwinds of emotions break out in the face of unraveling truth. Identities ...

From Scratch (2022)

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The story of an African American woman who falls in love with a Sicilian chef while studying abroad in Florence and goes on to build a life with him in Los Angeles, merging two seemingly opposite cultures.

Bloody Heart (2022)

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"Bloody Heart" will be a historical fiction series about a man named Lee Tae the enemy of Sunjong, who later became the king of Joseon. Lee Tae's goal is to destroy Park Gye Won and anti-government officials in order...

Once Upon a Small Town (2022)

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Han Ji Yool works as a veterinarian in Seoul. One day, he receives a phone call from his grandfather. His grandfather doesn't mention specifics, but his voice sounds serious. Han Ji Yool decides to go to Heedong Vill...

Panhandle (2022)

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The series follows an eccentric, agoraphobic arm-chair detective with a reluctant traffic cop in a series that showcases community, connection, and only-in-Florida characters. Together, Bell Prescott and Cammie Lorde...

Beauty and the Beast (2012)

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Detective Catherine Chandler is a smart, no-nonsense homicide detective. When she was a teenager, she witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of two gunmen and herself was saved by someone – or something. Yea...