The Ex-Wife (2022)

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Tasha is living the dream, she has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl. But there's one large blot on Tasha's marital landscape: her husbands's ex-wife won't leave them alone and seems int...

Parasyte -the maxim- (2014)

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A species of parasitic aliens descends on Earth and quickly infiltrates humanity by entering the brains of vulnerable targets; insatiable beings that gain total control of their host and are capable of transforming t...

After the Verdict (2022)

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The series tells the story of four very different Australians who have just finished jury duty on a high-profile murder trial. They think their jury experience has come to an end - but they soon learn they're very wr...

Echo 3 (2022)

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When brilliant scientist Amber Chesborough vanishes along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother and her husband—both elite U.S. Army commandos—struggle to find her amid a guerilla war, discovering that the woman...

The Fear Index (2022)

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Dr. Alex Hoffman, an American ex-pat physicist, creates an AI-driven system that exploits fear in the financial markets and operates at lightning speed to make big returns. But on the day of launch, Alex’s sanity is ...

The Envoys (2021)

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Two Vatican officials with very different conceptions of what faith is are sent to different parts of the world to investigate and verify the veracity of alleged miracles and healings attributed to members of the chu...

Trom (2022)

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The six-part series follows journalist Hannis Martinsson (Ulrich Thomsen), who unexpectedly receives a message from Sonja, a young Faroese woman who claims she is Hannis’ daughter and that her life is in danger. Relu...

Somebody (2022)

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O programatoare este prinsă împreună cu prietenele ei într-o rețea de crime și infracțiuni, care implică aplicația de dating dezvoltată de ea, dar și un bărbat misterios.

Leopard Skin (2022)

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A criminal gang fleeing a botched jewelry heist is forced to hide out in a beach side estate where two women live in seclusion. Their world turns into a tension filled hothouse of secrets, betrayal and desire.

Grid (2022)

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In 1997, a mysterious ghost saved humankind and then disappeared. The mysterious ghost appears again 24 years later and helps a serial killer escape. Kim Sae Ha, Jung Sae Byeok and Song Eo Jin pursue the ghost for di...

Bestseller (2022)

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A novelist who is facing writer's block, meets a budding writer. Desperate, he decides to use her story for his next novel. At the same time, a film assistant is planning something vicious to destroy him and his clos...

Suspicion (2022)

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Suspicion is a high-paced thriller about the kidnapping of the son of a prominent American businesswoman. Twenty-one-year-old Leo's abduction from a large, upmarket hotel in central New York is captured on video and ...

The K2 (2016)

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A patriotic bodyguard who was abandoned by his country and colleagues, a hidden daughter of leading Presidential candidate who regards love as a tool for revenge, and the First Lady contender who hides her ambition a...

Kairos (2020)

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Kim Seo-Jin is a man who is driven only to achieve success in his life. Thanks to his efforts, he is the youngest executive at his company. His life is perfect, with his beautiful violinist wife Kang Hyun-Chae and a ...

The Guardians of Justice (2022)

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După ce liderul lor aparent neînfricat se autodistruge, o echipă de supereroi cu probleme trebuie să înfrunte răul care mocnește în lume și în ei.

Revenge of Others (2022)

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A boy falls to his death at school, but Ok Chanmi does not believe that her twin brother, Park Wonseok, committed suicide. Chanmi transfers to her brother's school, Yongtan High, and meets Ji Sooheon, who witnessed h...

A Model Family (2022)

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După ce a furat fără să vrea bani de la un cartel, un profesor sărac descoperă că singura cale de a-și salva familia distrusă este să devină curier de droguri.

Lies and Deceit (Mentiras) (2020)

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O profesoară de literatură își caută dreptatea împotriva unui chirurg despre care susține că ar fi violat-o la o întâlnire, în timp ce el neagă vehement acuzațiile.

Rudra: The Edge Of Darkness (2022)

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Set in the Special Crimes Unit of the Mumbai Police, Revolving around DCP Rudraveer Singh, who is under the system’s radar despite being one of its best minds at work.

The Ipcress File (2022)

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As the Cold War rages, ex-smuggler turned reluctant spy Harry Palmer finds himself at the centre of a dangerous undercover mission, on which he must use his links to find a missing British nuclear scientist.

The Journalist (2022)

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The Journalist is an adaptation of the hit movie of the same name, The Journalist, released theatrically in 2019 which was a huge hit with audiences garnering a great deal of attention by confronting Japanese politic...

Umbre (Shadows) (2014)

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Serialul, o dramă cu influențe de comedie neagră, spune povestea lui Relu, un taximetrist care face bani ca recuperator pentru un mafiot local. După ce omoară un om, Relu vrea să iasă din lumea interlopă, dar nu mai ...

Lawless Lawyer (2018)

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Driven by the desire to avenge his mother, a former gangster turned lawyer uses both his fists and the loopholes in law to fight against those with absolute power.

Kamikaze (2021)

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Viața lui Julie e perfectă: are o familie iubitoare, prieteni grozavi și mulți bani, dar, la scurt timp după ce împlinește 18 ani, ea primește un mesaj care îi va schimba viața pentru totdeauna.

Blind (2022)

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A homicide squad detective, suspected of serial murder, searches for the real culprit.

Scarlet Hill (2022)

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The story begins when Luu, a businessman in the tourism business, brings Vy, his fiancée, and baby Bao, her stepson, to Camp Hoa Do to monitor the construction of the resort. nursing. However, since arriving here, Vy...

Black (2017)

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The story of a grim reaper who gets erased from the memories of the world for breaking the rules of heaven and falling in love with a mortal woman after inhabiting a human body. Black is a detective possessed by the ...

Bangkok Breaking (2021)

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The six-episode series is centered around the wild world of Bangkok's road rescue services and Wanchai who is newly arrived in Bangkok and must unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside a young, upstart journalist. Ne...

Cracow Monsters (2022)

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O tânără femeie bântuită de trecut se alătură unui profesor misterios și grupului său de studenți înzestrați care investighează activități paranormale și luptă cu demoni.

Our House (2022)

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Our House tells the four-part story of Fi Lawson, who arrives home one day to find a family of strangers moving into her house and her husband, Bram, has disappeared. As the nightmare takes grip, both Bram and Fi try...

Halo (2022)

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Un conflict epic din secolul al 26-lea între umanitate și o amenințare extraterestră cunoscută sub numele de Covenant, seria împletește povești personale cu acțiune, aventură și o viziune plină de imaginatie asupra v...

Sanctuary (Himmelsdalen) (2019)

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What could be worse than being imprisoned in a locked-down clinic where nothing is what it seems, and nobody believes you are who you say you are? How about beginning to suspect that they're right? Sanctuary is a sus...