Spriggan (2022)

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An ancient alien civilization's relics on Earth hold dangerous powers. The ARCAM corporation's Spriggan agents must keep them out of the wrong hands.

Vikings: Valhalla (2022)

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În continuarea serialului „Vikingii”, la o sută de ani de la evenimentele anterioare, o nouă generație de eroi legendari își croiește propriul destin și intră în istorie.

The Line (2021)

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In covert modern warfare, the line between right and wrong has blurred. This docuseries examines the moral ambiguities of war as embodied by the 2018 case in which a U.S. Navy SEAL platoon accused its chief, Eddie Ga...

How to Become a Tyrant (2021)

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To govern with an iron fist, it is necessary to know very well the game of absolute power, as shown by the infamous dictators presented in this documentary series.

Agent Hamilton (2020)

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Carl Hamilton has just returned to Sweden after many years of secret education in the US when Stockholm is shaken by a series of terrorist attacks. Hamilton is assigned to assist the Swedish intelligence service in t...

Spy City (2020)

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After a defector is murdered, British agent Fielding Scott is assigned to track down a mole in his own ranks in 1961 Berlin. His investigation leads him into a deadly web of crime, betrayal and paranoia. Who can Scot...

River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

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Born a princess and raised a soldier, Pyeong Gang is a woman with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will stop at nothing to make her dream come true. C...

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (Generation War)

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The series tells the story of five German friends, aged around 20, on their different paths through Nazi Germany and World War II: As Wehrmacht soldiers on the Eastern Front, war nurse, aspiring singer, and Jewish ta...

The Diary of Anne Frank (2009)

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Five-part adaptation of Anne Frank's famous wartime diaries in which a young teenager and her family go into hiding from the Nazis in wartime Amsterdam.

Shadow Lines (Nyrkki) (2019)

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During the 1950s, Helsinki was the focal point of the Cold War, as global powers and their intelligence agencies coalesced in the small neutral country that stood between the East and the West. Shadow Lines is an int...

El Cid (2020)

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El Cid retells from a contemporary perspective the story of the most famous Spaniard in history, a man trapped between two worlds and two cultures. A nobleman, a hero, a mercenary, a vassal, but also a man who could ...

The Liberator (2020)

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The Liberator tells the riveting true story of the bloodiest and most dramatic march to victory of the Second World War: the battlefield odyssey of maverick U.S. Army officer Felix Sparks and his infantry unit as th...

Valley of Tears (2020)

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Pe 6 octombrie 1973 a început războiul Iom Kipur, când statele arabe conduse de Egipt și Siria au lansat o invazie surpriză și aproape au înfrânt Israelul. Povestea este spusă din perspectiva a trei personaje, arunca...

Romulus (2020)

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The story of Romulus and his twin brother Remus, in eighth century B.C. as seen through the eyes of three people marked by death, loneliness and violence.

Invisible Heroes (2019)

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Invisible Heroes tells the heroic tale of young Finnish diplomats in Chile during 1973’s infamous military coup. Finnish diplomats Tapani Brotherus and Ilkka Jaamala along with Tapani’s wife Lysa Brotherus helped over...

Barbarians (2020)

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Three people's fates are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., during which Germanic warriors halt the spread of the Roman Empire.

No Man’s Land (2020)

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Dive into the depths of the Syrian civil war through the eyes of Antoine, a young French man, in search for his estranged, presumed to be dead sister. While unraveling the mystery, piece by piece, Antoine’s journey c...

The Pillars of the Earth (2010)

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A sweeping epic of good and evil, treachery and intrigue, violence and beauty, a sensuous, spirited story set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles in 12th Century England.

The World Wars (2014)

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An assassination in Sarajevo sparks a global war. For the next 30 years, deadly fighting rages across Europe, Africa, China and the Pacific. Hitler. Churchill. De Gaulle. MacArthur. Patton. Stalin. Mussolini. We k...

The Barrier – La Valla (2020)

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Lupta pentru supraviețuire a unei familii dintr-un Madrid distopic din viitor ilustrează discrepanțele dintre două lumi despărțite de un zid... și nu numai.

The Singapore Grip (2020)

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The Singapore Grip tells the story of a British family living in Singapore at the time of the Japanese invasion. It follows rubber merchant Walter Blackett, his wife Sylvia, ruthless daughter Joan and spoilt son M...

The Crimson Field (2014)

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This series follows a team of doctors, nurses, and female volunteers working in a front-line tented field hospital during the First World War. It's a daily battle to keep the soldiers well enough to fight. Low staff...

The Fighting Season (2015)

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In March of 2014, as America was in the midst of the war in Afghanistan, the Taliban increased the frequency of their attacks in an attempt to prevent the Afghan people from voting and derail the historic 2014 Afghan...

Homeland (2011)

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Homeland este un serial creat pentru televiziunea americană de Howard Gordon şi Alex Gansa care se bazează pe serialul israelian Hatufim realizat de Gideon Raff. Personajul principal este Carrie Mathison (Claire Dan...

The Forgotten Army – Azaadi ke liye

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The Forgotten Army is the dynamic story of Lt. Sodhi and his daredevil band of men and women who fought a heroic battle for the independence of India as part of the Indian National Army which was forged out of Britis...

World on Fire (2019)

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World on Fire is a heart-stopping, multi-stranded drama telling the story of World War Two through the lives of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict. The first series of seven episodes tells the sto...

Catch-22 (2019)

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 Set in Italy during World War II, this is the story of the incomparable, artful dodger, Yossarian, a bombardier for the U.S. Air Force, which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete the...

Rebellion (2016)

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 This is a five part serial drama about the birth of modern Ireland. The story is told from the perspectives of a group of fictional characters who live through the political events of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Börü (Wolf) (2018)

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Membrii unei unități de poliție pentru operațiuni speciale care primesc misiuni periculoase în Turcia înfruntă pericole și tragedii atât pe teren, cât și acasă.

Das Boot (2018)

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The new eight-part series is a sequel set immediately after the events depicted in the best-selling novel by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim and Wolfgang Petersen's 1981 Oscar-nominated film. While the original exclusively fo...

Tiempos de guerra: Morocco Love In Times of War (2017)

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The series is set in 1921 during the Rif War, and showcases the work done by Spanish female nurses, who decided to trade their comfortable lives and help wounded soldiers in Morocco during the battle.

The Road to Calvary (Khozhdenie po mukam) (2017)

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