Taiwan Crime Stories (2023)

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Anthology crime television series inspired by four real-life cold cases in Taiwan, exploring themes such as faith, temptation, redemption, and obligation through the eyes of the people of Taiwan.

The Lying Life of Adults (2023)

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Bazată pe romanul de succes al Elenei Ferrante, această poveste despre maturizare urmărește tranziția unei tinere de la adolescentă la adultă în anii ’90 la Napoli. tags: La vita bugiarda degli adulti

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street (2023)

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Un serial documentar despre ascensiunea și decăderea finanțistului Bernie Madoff, care a creat una dintre cele mai mari scheme piramidale din istorie pe Wall Street.

Will Trent (2023)

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In Will Trent Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations was abandoned at birth and endured a harsh coming-of-age in Atlanta's overwhelmed foster care system. But now, determined to use his uniq...

Brain Works (2023)

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Two ill-fated men become a comic duo to investigate criminal cases involving a rare brain disease together.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window (2022)

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Amestecând vinul, pastilele și mâncarea la caserolă, Anna cea impresionabilă se îndrăgostește de un vecin chipeș și e martoră la o crimă. Sau a fost doar imaginația ei?

Runaway – Kaçış (2022)

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Mehmet, a war photographer, Ilker, a reporter friend of Mehmet, and a group from Germany, with an activist called Zeynep among them, cross the border illegally to visit a Yazidi village. The village is then raided by...

Branson (2022)

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Cu 16 zile înainte ca Richard Branson să facă un zbor posibil istoric ca fiind primul pasager ce ajunge în spațiu cu propria navă, în iulie 2021, antreprenorul miliardar poartă o conversație cu apreciatul regizor Chr...

Kaleidoscope (2023)

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Un maestru al jafurilor și echipa sa încearcă să dea o lovitură complicată de 7 miliarde de dolari, dar trădarea, lăcomia și alte probleme pun planul în pericol.

Riptide (2022)

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Alison has just married Australian Sean Weston. Both of their children struggle with the new family situation, and Alison's former husband wants her back. When Sean disappears during a morning surf, it is not clear i...

Lady Voyeur (2023)

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Hacker Miranda loves to spy on her sex worker neighbor, Cléo. But after their paths cross and a murder is committed, Miranda's destiny forever changes. tags: Olhar Indiscreto

Black Snow (2023)

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Set in 1994, seventeen-year-old Jasmine Baker was murdered. The crime shocked the small town of Ashford and devastated Jasmine's Australian South Sea Islander community. The case was never solved, the killer never fo...

The Extreme Truth / Playboy Tv (2013)

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Marie Antoinette (2022)

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Through a twenty-first century lens, the series explores the dark, manipulative and misogynistic world of Versailles. Travelling deep inside Marie Antoinette’s head throughout the series, discovering who she is throu...

Secrets of Summer (Cielo Grande) (2022)

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O stațiune izolată din Argentina își relansează competiția de wakeboarding, atrăgând-o pe sportiva mexicană Steffi, care este hotărâtă să descopere un secret de familie.

Menayek (2020)

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Izzy Bachar, a police internal affairs investigator, discovers just before retirement that his long time friend Barak, a senior police officer, is accused to be corrupt. Life as he knows it breaks into pieces.

Island (2022)

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Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of her father who runs Daehan Group. Her arrogant and selfish attitude causes her to make a big mistake that eventually angers her father into banishing her to Jeju island. There, she i...

The Glory (2022)

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Supusă unor abuzuri teribile în liceu, o femeie pune la cale după ani de zile un plan elaborat de răzbunare pentru a-i face pe vinovați să plătească pentru faptele lor.

Alpha Males (2022)

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Pedro, Luis, Raúl și Santi sunt patru prieteni care se simt confuzi în noua lume a femeilor puternice, iar fiecare încearcă să se adapteze în propriul său mod.

Without Sin (2022)

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Without Sin is a psychological thriller exploring the relationship which develops between a grieving mother and the man she believes murdered her daughter.

Coach Prime (2022)

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Follow the 2022 Jackson State University Tigers football team at practice and during games, in the locker room, off the field, and in the community, throughout their 12-0, undefeated SWAC Championship season.

Atlanta (2016)

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The show draws on Donald Glover's considerable talents as a musician, actor and writer to give us something unique," FX's Nick Grad said. "The story is made all the more powerful by the great cast and the contributio...

Snap (2022)

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Snap is a psychological thriller that intends to deal with difficult social and ethical topics, head on, through a unique method of storytelling that disrupts conventional opinions. The anthology series follows a per...

Mayflies (2022)

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Everyone has a Tully Dawson - the friend who defines your life. In the summer of 1986, in a small Scottish town, Jimmy and Tully ignite a brilliant friendship based on music, films and the rebel spirit. With school o...

The Deep End (2022)

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An arresting and provocative exploration inside the world of one of today's most controversial spiritual teachers and her dedicated followers. Filmed over three years with unprecedented access, it is an unflinching p...

Love Is Blind: Brazil (2021)

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Experimentul matrimonial ajunge în Brazilia, unde persoane singure încearcă să găsească iubirea adevărată și să se logodească, fără să se întâlnească față în față.

Gannibal (2022)

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After causing a major incident, police officer Daigo Agawa takes his wife and daughter to live in the remote mountain village of Kuge. It seems the perfect place to recover from the ordeal, despite the mysterious dis...

Blocco 181 (2022)

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The three boys at the center of the story come from different realities, yet they are linked by something stronger: Bea is a Latin American girl, torn between loyalty to her family and her gang and the desire to chan...

The Files of Young Kindaichi (2022)

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The Files of Young Kindaichi: Fifth Generation (2022) (五代目の金田一少年の事件簿 Goudaime no Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo) is a live-action series based on the manga series of the same name by Seimaru Amagi, Yozabur...

Treason (2022)

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Viitorul promițător al unui adjunct de la MI6 se răstoarnă complet după ce revederea cu o spioană rusă îl obligă să-și reevalueze întreaga existență.

Earth to Ned (2020)

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Ned, a blue-skinned alien, and his lieutenant Cornelius, were sent to scout Earth for an eventual invasion — but instead became obsessed with popular culture. Now they host a talk show, broadcast from the bridge of t...

The Witcher: Blood Origin (2022)

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Cu acțiunea plasată la peste o mie de ani înainte de evenimentele din The Witcher, șapte proscriși din lumea elfilor se unesc pentru a înfrunta un imperiu de neoprit.