Britannia - Sezonul 1 Episodul 6



Having travelled to the underworld for guidance in his quest, Divis realises it is none other than Cait who poses a threat to Aulus and must be the one to defeat Lokka. But Divis does not leave the underworld intact. At the citadel, Kerra is crowned Queen of the Cantii. Amena outwardly pledges her loyalty to the new queen, but behind closed doors conducts a dark ritual to summon a demon that will bring her to the throne. After their long ordeal, Cait and her father finally arrive at the safety of the citadel, where she and Kerra become acquainted with one another. Elsewhere, Aulus meets with Veran, where it is revealed that Aulus may have had more to do with Kerra’s coronation than one might think. However, Aulus is soon put right by Veran that the gods do not bargain. At Crugdunon, Kerra makes a deal with Aulus to protect her people but then a demon arrives. For reasons she does not understand, Cait finds herself pursued on two fronts. Recognising her from the Druids’ visions, Aulus orders her capture, while Divis, fully possessed by the demon Pwykka, also hunts her down. Kerra assists Cait in fleeing the citadel with her father, but such an action will cost Kerra dear.

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